Life Review – A Psychic Reading


I have always been a believer in psychic abilities. My grandmother exhibited it a number of times when I was a child. She was the person who helped form my lifelong love of supernatural stories and lore…often telling the grandkids ghost stories, especially at Christmastime. My cousins weren’t as fascinated by grandma’s tales as I was, but I had a more connected relationship with her.

I think since I was exposed to psychic gifts “in action” when my brain was able to accept everything without question, it became just a fact of my everyday life. I never had any cause to believe it as anything but true and real. This is, of course, my opinion and belief. It’s not something I mention hoping to open a debate with a nonbeliever. However, if you are a nonbeliever, I wonder if you still would be after you’d had a Life Review Psychic Reading done by Amy Venezia.

Though I am a believer in psychics and mediums, I’ve never requested “psychic services” before. The opportunity didn’t throw itself in my face, and I didn’t seek it out. But remember what I said before about not meeting people by accident? Well, after requesting and receiving my Reading I firmly believed that Amy was meant to be put in my path. I snapped and emailed her a quick selfie (per the instructions) and received my Reading a week later.

That week of waiting was actually pretty incredible. I wasn’t anxious, I was excited. I wasn’t regretful, I was eager. I wasn’t negative, I was positive. That alone felt like a sign. Feeling upbeat and hopeful doesn’t come as naturally as pessimism does to me. I had no idea what to expect in the response from Amy, but I knew what the anticipation of receiving it felt like…exactly like when I was 7 years old waiting for Santa to deliver the coveted Merlin game I’d asked for. If Amy’s Reading gave me even half of the joy that Merlin had, I would be thrilled.

“Thrilled” doesn’t even come close to describing my reaction when I first read through the email from Amy…”floored” is probably more apt, since I damn near fell out of my chair! I won’t go into the details of my Reading, it wouldn’t really make sense to you the way it does for me. Because it’s about ME. The “real” me. Amy and I have never met – we’re just peripheral Twitter acquaintances- but what she gave me in this Reading was more than a “this is what I see about you.”

Amy gave me direction, encouragement and “permission” (for lack of a better word) to explore who I am and who I want to be. The Reading told me things I knew about myself but had been ignoring and denying. It also told me things I didn’t know about myself but have since come to find as amazing truths.

Today marks the two-month anniversary of receiving this awesome gift. In those two months, my life has transformed in some pretty spectacular ways. Amy’s spiritual guidance plucked me from the stagnant pool I’d been treading water in for years and set me on this path of enlightenment. I am forever grateful for the circumstances that led me to this wonderful woman.