Handwriting: The Illegible Map to Growth City

Even though we’re moving into the final days of January, I’m just now starting to do work on my intentions list for 2017.  You remember how my New Year’s plans got derailed? I’m back on track now! Well, not exactly “on track”…more like I’ve boarded the train and taken my seat, but I know I’m heading in the right direction, toward “Growth City.” While I sit in this seat and wait to arrive at my destination, I think I’ll do a little writing.

Not just any writing though…handwriting. It’s something I essentially stopped doing once I got my first computer in 1997. Typing is so much easier! You can just let every word and sentence fragment fly without a care in the world. Editing is a breeze! All those pretty fonts and colors! However, handwriting is not something I enjoy. When I write in cursive, it still looks exactly like it did when I first learned how to make those loops and squiggles 38 years ago. I guess you could say that Typing lives in the comfort zone, while Handwriting lives two galaxies over from the comfort zone.

Before I started setting my intentions for 2017, and before I chose GROWTH as the word that best reflected what I wanted for myself, I knew writing was going to be a big part of this year for me. My daughter must have known it as well. She gave me two new journals for Christmas. One hardcover, with lined pages and one soft-cover, with unlined pages. Even though unlined pages give me anxiety (I cannot write in a straight line without a guide!) the cover made me laugh, and I chose this journal to use as my Intentions Map/Guide for the year.


I thought I would use the lined journal as a diary of sorts, but then I was struck with inspiration. I wasn’t going to just catalog the banal things I did each day. Instead, I was going to challenge myself to connect more deeply with my Rider-Waite Tarot deck. Keeping the faithful intention that they would provide me with the answers I was seeking, I imagined myself holding the cards in my hand, drawing one and writing! Each entry would reflect my question, a full description of the card I chose, what my interpretation was and what the guidebook interpretation was. Simple, but meaningful.

It’s really exciting, and I’m happy to say I’ve been keeping up with it! My intention was to draw/write every day, but I don’t beat myself up if I miss one (and I have). Each time I practice this, I feel a stronger connection to the cards…a clearer feeling of which card to choose. I don’t always get a happy, sunshiny answer to my question, but that only makes my selection ring truer. If I always chose The Sun, I’d think I was merely telling myself what I wanted to hear instead of what I needed to hear.

Back to the handwriting…since I’m so out of practice, it is  a t r o c i o u s. It always comes out looking like a bunch of indecipherable, scrawling words that take up far too much space…this little 80-page book wasn’t going to last me long! After having dinner with my daughter the other night, we stopped by the shop she originally found these in…Paper Destiny. I’d hoped to find another lined journal with a Fine Art cover, but they were all sold out. However, there were others calling out to me….


Aren’t they beautiful?! 😍 They won’t become Tarot journals though. They have a different feeling to them. I found the Green & Silver book first, and when I held it, I had a vision of the fictional story I’m currently working on. I could see this book in the hands of one of the characters. LIGHT BULB MOMENT! The journal, itself, was a character in the story!! Minutes later, I found the Gold and the Dancer books…and they felt the same way…like characters, in continuation stories.

As I was leaving the store with my lovely purchases, I kept thinking “three books…..three books” and it wasn’t until I returned home that I knew why. My friend Amy had a message for me recently in regards to my writing, part of which was, “you’re ready…a series of 3.” 😱  Like always, she’s right! I am ready…just need to grab a pen and get to it.