Routines and Rituals: I’ve Got the Power!

I was pretty bummed that the weather wouldn’t cooperate and let me see the Full Moon this weekend. I always look forward to performing my release ritual and charging up my crystals beneath the glow of its loving light. I don’t think it’s supposed to matter if you can actually see the moon, but since those obscuring clouds also brought a lot of cold, wet snow with them, I decided to skip the ritual for this month. And it’s been bugging me…a lot. I can feel parts of me crying out for it.

I didn’t realize how reliant my soul had become on the ritual until I denied it the opportunity. 

My Full Moon Release Ritual begins with taking a picture of the moon. There’s something about seeing it more closely through a telephoto lens that makes me feel really connected to its energy. I imagine the moon beaming into my camera through my right eye, shooting down through my body, exiting my feet and continuing through the roots that extend from my feet into the ground, down and around the core of the earth, back up through my body, exiting my left eye and returning to the skies. I rely heavily on visualizations, and this one always leaves me feeling very connected and cleansed.

February 2017 Full Moon

Once I have my picture, I set up a table near a bank of pine trees in my yard for my ritual with the crystals I wish to charge, a white candle, a bowl of clean water and the written list of things I wish to release. (I highly recommend setting up a free account at Moon + Quartz to receive their Full Moon Guides by Sign….so much incredible information about working with the moon under your specific sign.)

I’ve been trying my hardest to ignore that sludgy “incomplete” feeling ever since I skipped the ritual on Sunday night, but it’s obviously not going to go away. I say ‘obviously’ because this morning the moon ritual was first and foremost on my mind, so I decided to take a little more time with my cards than I usually do.

After shuffling both the Rider-Waite and the Angel Therapy cards, I held both decks to my heart and said, “Thank you to all my unseen friends and guides for watching over me. I welcome your message for me today with open eyes and an open heart.” I fanned out both decks and intuitively chose one card from each…and this is the message I received…🌝


Manifestation Power: You’ve got the power! With this card the angels remind you of your innate spiritual abilities. Perhaps you’ve been complaining about something or have been feeling like a victim under the influence of someone else’s will. This card is a reminder that you do have the power to change everything in your life by using your natural spiritual gifts of manifestation.

The Moon: A card of intuition and psychic forces, let go of your conscious mental blocks or negative self-talk and allow your intuition to guide you. Your dreams, intuitions, and inner promptings lead you forward toward higher levels of understanding if you listen carefully and use your judgement to help interpret the veiled messages of the unconscious. Not only will the way forward be revealed but in many cases you will learn lessons about yourself that will be valuable in later journeys.

AH HA!! As I’ve been researching, planning and educating myself in preparation for the new adventure I’m undertaking, I’ve been neglecting my spiritual practices. I have been very lax with my daily self-care routine…rushing, skipping meditations, forgoing proper nutrition in favor of fast-food, not exercising so I can prop myself in front of a screen. As a result, I’ve indulged in negative thinking and constant complaining. I’ve slept poorly and my dreams have been full of I’m-late-for-school!-level anxieties.

The message in the cards is simple but clear. Do the full moon release ritual, return to my self-care routine and create the vision board I’ve been contemplating.  I am the one with the power to make my life “good,” just as I am the one with the power to make it “bad.” I frequently remind others about the Law of Attraction…like attracts like, thoughts become things…and it’s time I listen to my own advice. So, on that note…


“Just watch. I’ll show you what a woman can do…I’ll go across the country, I’ll race to the Moon… I’ll never look back.”– Edna Gardner Whyte